Club Membership

Our Club has over a 100 active members. We are open for members on Sundays from 9 AM through to 3 PM, typically closing between 12 and 1 PM, and for 2 hours on Wed or Thurs, depending on the season (contact the Club for information on mid-week shooting). We have a range of targets from 20 m through to 70 m, and 3D targets available.

We welcome all bow types (except for cross bows and heavy poundage compound bows).  Members typically shoot bare bow or sighted recurve (the kind of bow you see used in Olympic events), compounds bows, as well as traditional wooden and composite bows such as American Flat Bows, Mongolian, Korean recurve, traditional English longbows and  home-made bows.

Members enjoy their own shooting range and participate in casual or locally organized competitions amongst themselves.

New or Renewing Members

If you do not have an Archery Australia account, click here and create a new account.

To become a member or renew follow the links below:

Adults: $138 click here

Children: 8 – 18 years: $106 click here

Discounts are available for family groups. To access the full range of memberships available, click here, log in, select “register” then search for “Sydney Bowmen” in the search bar. Select the membership that you wish to apply for.  

The membership fee is split between our Club, the Regional Governing Body (ie, Archery NSW) and Archery Australia. Please note that all membership transactions must be processed online through the links provided. We do not accept cash payments for memberships. A fee of 3% applies to all transactions.

For financial members, a fee of $5 is required per attendance.

Associate Membership

We no long offer associate membership. However, archers who are current and financial members of another registered Archery Australia Club are welcome to shoot in the members area for the daily member shooting fee. Please show a current membership card on arrival and sign in using the members sign in book.